Maintaining Your LSA

As you've learned, airplanes are about as safe as cars. In fact, there are more safety rules for planes than for cars. Many cars are driven without maintenance until they finally stop. You can't do that with planes. You must maintain them following FAA rules and regulations.  However, that doesn't mean you're at the mercy of expensive aircraft mechanics. You can do many things to keep the cost of flying down. And, if you're willing to take a class or two, you can be your own LSA mechanic! This flight guide tells you how new FAA rules can save you time and money as a smart sport pilot.
1 Basic Aircraft Maintenance
2 Preventive Maintenance
3 Required Maintenance
4 Repairs
5 Airworthiness Directives
6 LSA Repairman Certificate
7 LSA Inspection
8 LSA Maintenance & Repair
9 Experimental Aircraft Maintenance