Sport Planes

If you were a private pilot you could not fly a Boeing 747. Not only don't you have an ATP (airline transport pilot) certificate, but you don't have training on flying larger and more complex aircraft. The same goes for sport pilots: Sport pilots can fly only sport aircraft that fit the definition of light-sport.  Fortunately, the rules for new light-sport aircraft are as dramatically reworked as the sport-pilot certification rules. It's as though the FAA threw out many of their preconceived ideas about how complex a plane needs to be and started over with simpler rules. The result is lower-cost flying!

1 Light-Sport Aircraft
2 Weight Limit
3 Seating
4 Engine
5 Certification vs. Consensus
6 Aircraft Certification
7 Consensus Standards
8 The Bottom Line
9 New LSAs
10 Zodiak XL
11 Kitfox Sport
12 Classic LSA's
13 Piper J-3 Cub
14 Aeronca Champion
15 Luscombe Silvaire
16 Experimental Aircraft