Building Your Sport Plane

You say you have your heart set on a new plane, my friend, but you don't think you can afford it? You feel that purchasing a plane—new or used—is beyond the elasticity of your budget? You tell me that you don't want to rent and fly an unfamiliar airplane? You say you can't afford to pay a mechanic, who's got a fancy piece of paper on the wall, $100 to change spark plugs? You insist that you have more time than money and you'd rather do it yourself?  Tell you what I'm going to do. Step this way, my friend, and I'll introduce you to the mystical, magical, money-saving world of building your own flying machine. This here's the "Right Brothers School of Do-It-Yourself Aviation"!  Seriously, building your own airplane as a way to get airborne on a tight budget is rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, over 20,000 aircraft are currently registered as amateur built. Many folks have built more than one. If you have basic fix-it skills, you probably can, too. This flight guide offers an overview of how you can build your own safe and fun plane.
1 Custom-Built Basics
2 Construction Rules
3 Construction Resources
4 Investment
5 Need Some Help?
6 Choosing a Custom Built
7 Selection Process
8 Plane Plans
9 Plane Kits
10 Quick-Builds
11 Working With Materials
12 Engine Basics
13 Choosing the Right Engine
14 Installing the Engine
15 Propellers
16 Flight Instruments